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27/01/08: Marathon et semi de Marrakech
24/02/08: Marathon de Merzouga
11/03/07: 10km féminin de Rabat
22/04/07: 10km et 20km d'Essaouira
20/05/07: Marathon berbère
20/05/07: 10km féminin Casablanca
03/06/07: 10km et semi marathon d'Ifrane


The athlete Caster Semenya contracts marriage – wedding photography

Through her Instagram account, the Olympic champion showed photos of what was the ceremony held in Pretoria.

The South African athlete  Caster  Semenya , 800 meters Olympic champion in the Games of Rio 2016, officially married in Pretoria with her already wife Violet, with whom she has a relationship for years.

The couple celebrated their link in a luxurious property of the South African capital, according to photographs published by the athlete on her Instagram account.

In one of them,  Caster  Semenya  looks smiling with a dark suit adorned with gold thread and a bouquet of roses in his hand, next to Violet Raseboya,  wedding photography  and dressed in a white wedding dress.

Caster  Semenya  accompanied the photo with a message: “Our perfect day! #Marriage # ourstradadeboda #love”.

The ceremony coincided with the birthday of the athlete, who turned 26 this Saturday.

The two young women had celebrated a traditional wedding in December 2015 in the South African province of Limpopo.

Caster  Semenya  was one of the protagonists of the Berlin-2009 World Championship, where she won the 800 meters race before being involved in a great controversy about her sex due to her physical features, which she later took to the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) to regulate participation in the tests of intersex athletes.

Applications for athletics runners in the mobile phone

The amateur people running or walking routes also to have had for years as electronic tool a pedometer to measure distance, more or less accurate from posting your steps. The pedometer served to some extent to offer some statistics , with basic information, motivating us to do sports and be less sedentary. However, it is another obsolete device when you have a smart mobile phoneor smartphone with good applications that allow, through GPS, from plotting routes on a map, measure the distance traveled, give the maximum, average and punctual speed during our journey, estimate the slopes, and even measure the heart rate and calories consumed. Dozens can be found in the platforms or markets of applications for smartphones in their respective operating systems, both free and paid; Some of the best rated software programs to analyze outdoor aerobic workouts are:

Endomondo Sports Tracker : is an international online community based on an application that, using the GPS signal integrated into an electronic device such as smart mobile phones, records data on sports performance when exercising outdoors, for runners and cyclists mainly, but also for other sports in urban or nature. It is multiplatform, works with smartphones such as iPhone, Android operating system phones, PGP BlackBerry, phones that work with Windows Phone, and also with models from manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, among others. Record basic statistics such as distance traveled, time, speed, calories consumed, etc. while the registration of cardiac activity depends on having a compatible band of manufacturers such as Polar Wearlink + transmitter with Bluetooth, ANT + or Zephyr. If we accept the privacy clause, share our training activity with other users in real time through the community feed.

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO , the paid version with a cost of 4.99 euros, includes statistical improvements, with graphics that show distance, speed, calories consumed during a tour, etc. in addition to having audio announcements en route to motivate and emulate the achievements of other users with similar data with which we want to compete in the online community or to go further within our own training.

Runkeeper : application with multiple features, available for both Android phones and iPhone and iPod Touch, from version 5.0 of Apple’s iOS operating system. Graphically impeccable both in the maps of the routes and in the statistics and achievements completed. Navigation is simple through the menu, the program allows you to review the data of each exercise day, add goals such as a distance to travel, lose weight, etc. and for greater motivation it organizes contacts with the shared statistics of other users. Runkeeperyou can export the statistics history for use in other applications or to share data on social networks, you can also synchronize with electronic tools from manufacturers such as Withings, Zeo, Garmin. The application is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese.

Recommendation: smartphones still have problems in their autonomy, since the batteries barely last a whole day without needing power in the electrical outlet. Prolonged use of the GPS signal along with bluetooth devices causes the battery to wear out more quickly.

Can exercise on the HCG diet make losing weight faster like race?

he accepted weight loss equation of less food, more more exercise has been drilled into the head for decades. But a popular program called the dramatic loss of weight promises HCG diet without exercise at all. While it may seem counterintuitive, vigorous exercise on the HCG diet can really slow down weight loss. However, fitness enthusiasts can adhere safely to a light exercise routine to stay fit while achieving their weight loss goals with the

How the diet works HCG

In the HCG diet program, dieters are given daily injections or sublingual drops of human chorionic gonadotropin, a substance produced by pregnant women that ensures that the fetus receives adequate nutrition by pulling energy from fat stores in the case of insufficient consumption of calories. According to Dr. ATW Simeons, who first implemented HCG for weight loss in patients in the 1930s, HCG is safe for men and women and pulls fat from the “abnormal” fat stores in the hips, the thighs, the abdomen and buns to burn as energy if the caloric needs are not met. To make sure that the HCG will go to work burn fat reserves, Dieters are put on a strict diet of 500 calories per day composed of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and, optionally, small amounts of whole grains. Dr. Simeons theory that HCG burns approximately 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day solely from fat stores, and that maintaining caloric intake of 500 calories would make dieting to lose weight quickly with little or no Hunger or weakness

HCG and Exercise

Because people who follow the HCG diet program are taking in very few calories, exercise should remain light and easy. While in HCG, you are going to consume mostly protein and carbohydrates keep to a minimum. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy and are especially crucial during long periods of cardiovascular exercise. The attempt to exercise for long periods of time without adequate calories, especially in the form of carbohydrates, can lead to dizziness, exhaustion, extreme hunger and fatigue. Dr. Simeons observed that patients who insisted on vigorous exercise during the program usually became very hungry and overate, paralyzed or even led to weight gain.

Acceptable exercises

Most programs recommend light exercise, such as walking, easy biking and yoga. These exercises will help you maintain muscle tone and stay in shape without compromising weight loss. If you are accustomed to doing more intense exercise, such as running or vigorous swimming, it is acceptable to continue exercising, but reduce the duration. For example, instead of running six miles five days a week, running three miles and walking three miles or finishing training with a little yoga.

Exercises to avoid

If you are new to the exercise, you want to stick to only light exercises that will not cause you to burn hundreds of calories. Now is not the time to start training for a 5km race, unless you have been running very regularly for more than two months. Experts also advise avoiding vigorous weight lifting, as it can lead to muscle fatigue and exhaustion while in the diet. Remember that hard exercise at only 500 calories per day can actually cause your body to retain fat instead of releasing fat. Once you have completed your round of HCG injections or drops and have lost a significant amount of weight, you can return to your normal exercise routine. Even after your break from hard exercise,

Kitchen with mineral water faucet, no tap

In addition dripsndrops reviews, in the kitchen there are some foods that swell with cooking water, such as rice, pasta, legumes or bread. Cooking them with one type of water or another will make the difference. The same goes for creams, broths and soups. If you look, in the description of recipes of books signed by cooks such as Carme Ruscalleda is the indication “mineral water”.

More plates. A green bean cooked with tap water or mineral water – bottled – has nothing to do with it. The difference is infinite. The tap water causes the vegetable to lose color, the green shines, withers . In contrast, a vegetable boiled with mineral water will keep the color alive.

And what has tap water that makes it suck the colors of vegetables? Tap water comes from rivers that reach wells where it is made potable. Along the way, through that furrow of water that crosses the country, will have dragged everything that man, voluntarily or involuntarily, will have thrown. A stone, a plastic, a piece of wood, a pile … The heavy metals that come off the piles are not removed from the water ; they stay there no matter how much it becomes drinkable.

When deciding on bottled water, the debate expands. For the nutritionist Marc Vergés, ” the only good waters are those of very weak mineralization or, what is the same, that have a dry residue of 30 mg / l or well that are close to these values”. This should be the ideal type of water for pregnant women, for children, for the elderly, for athletes or for people who get sick easily.

Now, “the problem of bottled water is the plastic”, continues the expert, because “the changes in temperature and the time that the water passes makes” contaminated with the remains of plastic molecules “.

Oh! And two last curiosities. They tell me that there are sailors who cook fish stews with seawater, and that there are grandmothers who, to boil rice or pasta, use broth, to make them more nutritious.

A chain of restaurants for athletes becomes one of the fashion businesses in New York

Dig Inn is a chain of fast food and organic restaurants in Manhattan in which, for a reasonable price, those athletes and people concerned about their diet and physical appearance, find informal menus at a reasonable price showing that fast food does not have What is junk food?

Focused initially on bodybuilders and athletes of a certain level, their healthy menus and their concept of food have penetrated deeply among the general public, thus becoming one of the fashionable restaurant franchises in New York City.

The menus of Dig Inn are made up of healthy and protein-rich foods , with many vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, kale, pumpkin, beetroot and different types of meat and fish. Many of the menu components appear and disappear according to seasonal availability, allowing you to always have fresh and seasonal food.

The founder of this innovative concept is Adam Eskin , who started the adventure of the Dig Inn after investing in a group of 5 restaurants called The Pump Energy Food, which would be translated as “The Energy Food Pump”, aimed specifically at the bodybuilding public.

With this initiative Eskin did not succeed, so in 2011 he decided to give a new look to his restaurant concept by also changing the name to Dig Inn, “our goal was to find a sustainable model in which we could offer our own food, grown on farms local or own, cooked from scratch in a pleasant environment and at an affordable price

A new business model called ‘educational kitchen’

For a restaurant with these characteristics to work, it must necessarily have a perfectly trained staff . They should be able to create,  cook and include in their dishes and menus the right foods, and also like .

“Our goal is to work with chefs whose capabilities go beyond the culinary field such as management, leadership, commercial capacity but also knowledge of dietetics and nutrition,” says Eskin.

In addition to well-prepared chefs, Eskin’s relationship with farmers is another big key to the Dig Inn project that has allowed him to thrive. And for this restaurant, the contribution of small farmers in the area has been essential, since 85% of the products that make up their menu, comes from this route.

A menu created for demanding athletes that triumphs among the general public

Dig Inn menu is divided into two sections, the so-called ‘marketplate’, with which for about $ 10 you can eat a protein source with chicken, salmon or meat accompanied by tofu and a handful of rice. And the salad section, with lots of fresh and seasonal vegetables.

With this sale of high-end and organic food at an affordable price , Eskin’s business model has blossomed capturing an audience that goes beyond bodybuilders or athletes interested in training and caring for their body. The ordinary people, much more concerned about their food than in years ago, has seen with good eyes this idea , allowing the franchise to invoice 35 million dollars in 2015.

Advances in the food and nutrition sciences in recent decades reveal the importance of  eating properly as one of the great ways to improve health, physical and emotional well-being. Nowadays “healthy” is fashionable; running, exercising, quitting smoking, maintaining a good diet, organic food, detox shakes … etc.

These are trends that emerge as a lot of force within the restaurant industry, as in the case of Dig Inn, which was originally focused on an extract from a more sporting population, and which ends up triumphing thanks to a massive acceptance among the general public .

A concept similar to the Dig Inn, but has not yet achieved such fame is the Gyms Kitchem, , a restaurant in London that has become famous among the local population after emerging as a restaurant focused entirely on athletes.

There are already 11 Dig Inn restaurants in Manhattan and in the next few months they will continue their expansion in Boston of this  interesting adventure based on healthy, rich and accessible food.

Best programs to edit your sports videos and photo editing

We return to the section of tutorials , where we have already told you on some occasion several recommendations and ideas to improve your videos as tips to record with your sports camera  or 10 ideas to make a good time-lapse .

In this occasion we bring a short list of the best free photo editing software and videoes to edit sports , where you will have a brief summary of several programs for Windows / Mac that you can use. We started.

List programs to edit your sports videos

We start this interesting list with one of the programs that is most used in this world of fast action and adventure:


GoPro Studio (beginner level – free)

One of the best software of the moment , created by the well-known American brand and that has evolved along with the sports cameras of the brand.

Excellent option for first-time users who have purchased a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, Silver or Session.

Of direct and without any cost download from the website of the brand , this simple and fair features such as cropping, retouching , color and music, for those who want to make good mounts in a few seconds or software has not Have sufficient experience.


Windows Movie Maker (beginner level – free)

Program well known by Windows users . Exclusive to this platform, this software is one of the best programs to edit sport videos at beginner level .

With a fairly simple and basic interface , it allows you to easily drag video, image and audio captures.

Our advice is that you only use this software if you do not have access to any other more specific and professional.

Keep in mind that we do not want to spend € 330 on a camera like the Sony FDR-X1000Vand then use a very simple program that does not offer decent results to create our final videos.


IMovie (beginner medium – free)

Exclusive program for Apple branded devices such as Macbook Pro or iPads .

It has a very neat and minimalistic interface , in the style of more professional editing programs, but avoiding all the difficulties they offer.

Recommended for beginners , iMovie is also used by professional artists to make small videos quickly, thanks to its power and simplicity.


In short, we have summarized the 6 best programs to edit your sports videos that you can find in the market right now.

If you are looking for more information on the Internet surely you will find many more programs, but in the end, they will do the same and surely with a worse quality and fewer tools.

The Best Running Dog Breeds

Most dogs like to run, but some are more addicted than others.They are not couch potatoes and probably do not appreciate or are not conducive to having in a small apartment, but if you have a good size yard and a daily routine that includes running, one of these canines speeding dogs can attract you.

Only for dedicated runners . In any list of dogs that really like to run, the tall and elegant Azawakh is like a canine gazelle. You may have a bit of trouble finding one of these African natives but when you do, you’ll have the perfect companion for your careers. This dog not only wants to run but needs it. The Azawakh is a dog of much energy that requires much space, exercise and to interact with his human family. It is a dog for very active people and will not be good in a small space or in the box for long. As a desert breed, the Azawakh prefers a warm, dry environment and does not like the cold or the damp.

Even if it looks mestizo . Despite the name, the Black Mouth Cure BMC, it is not really a race mix and its ancestors date back at least to 920 DC in Wales. This breed has no known health problems and is a sturdy and muscular working dog. Originally bred from crossing a herd dog, a guard dog and a hunting dog, the BMC has incredible stamina and will enjoy a light three-mile or four-kilometer trot without getting tired or sweating. In addition to being a workout partner, this cheerful dog will love being with you on the patio or in front of the TV. They are very affectionate and protective of their families besides being excellent guard dogs. They have short hair and need little maintenance,

Another good sportsman. If you like to throw the ball from time to time or participate in Iron Man competitions as well as running, the red bone Coonhound can capture your sporty heart. This friendly dog, raised as a hunter, will be happy to accompany you as you ride or bike and then continue through a swimming phase in your training routine. It is not the best watchdog and it is known to drool and bark a bit, but hey, it is an ideal dog for endurance exercise. It will be your best friend just by giving you a full meal, a pat on the head and a good company time. The red bone coonhound needs a great yard to explore. This breed is good with children and other dogs but does not get along with cats.

Good dogs and fast athletes can come in small packages . The Parson Russel terrier, also known as Jack Russel terrier, is a small black and white dogs named after his original breeder, the Rev. John Russel. The intelligence and extreme agility of this breed is evident in its ability to master the tricks of skills that put it in the media and make its winning face familiar to most people. Although small in stature, this little guy is very rude. He likes to run, jump and play with his owner until he runs out and he will still ask for more. If you have lots of energy and space to give a Parson Russell Terrier all the exercise you need, you will have a charming and energetic companion.

Other contenders. People who want to have a dog as a pet should investigate first before deciding which canine companion is perfect for him and vice versa. Some other possibilities in the runner category include the Boykin Spaniel who also loves to swim, although he needs high maintenance for all that beautiful curly hair he has. The almost unknown McNab is a small dog but very hardworking and intelligent as well as a faithful companion. The very sociable and kind giant Leon Berger is for those who can afford to feed him this great moloso. In this list you may well be one of the oldest dog breeds still in existence, the small Viking herd dog known as the Icelandic Shepherd Dog. Any of these dogs, large or small,


Are you an outdoor and indoor exercise fan? We tell you the 5 basic beauty care that the athlete’s skin needs. You will boast of health and fitness, but also of a good face.

If your sportsmanship goes beyond the zapping … read on . Did you know that the skin of athletes need care beauty strange The reason is in sweat, which causes dehydration and dirty pores. Because not everything is to burn calories, join the five beauty tips you save face .

Well protected . Surfing, golf, cycling, running , skiing … Like outdoor sports? Forget the weather and protect yourself beyond the sunglasses . Ideally: Apply the sunscreen half an hour before leaving home and take it with you to reapply after 2 hours (if you’re not exhausted!). Note that snow reflects up to 85% of the rays , so, in this case, you should exercise extreme care. You will find specific, sweat-resistant, lightweight and transparent formulas that will make you feel no weight on your skin.

Thorough cleaning with pilaten. Sweat, dirt, pollution, pool chlorine if you like to swim … Imagine them clogging every pore of your face. You do not like it, do you? To ward off these hotbeds of bacteria and prevent pimples from forming , clean it well. Our advice: the less time you let go after having sweated the shirt, the more you will appreciate your skin.

Water inside and outside . If you do exercise you sweat and if you sweat, you dehydrate. Break this rule out of three. For one thing, drink water sparingly while you are practicing exercise. On the other hand, it moisturizes your skin after cleansing to end the sensation of dryness and tightness.

We like the Gillette Series Irritation Defense Moisturizing Cream. The best? You can use inlcuso under the shower , so you can leave the gym or paddle your class made a brush.

And always with you … Relieves, comforts and print energy. What is it? Something as practical as a small tube of thermal water . It is a water enriched with mineral salts and trace elements that will quench the thirst that your skin accumulates while practicing exercise.

Coffee for runners

I enjoying my great cup of coffee morning, I found a coffee machine rentals for office singapore that benefits of this controversial drink for health and performance.

Runner ‘s World article says that hundreds of studies show that consumption of caffeine before a workout or competition, it helps to go further and faster.However, it indicated that the best time to consume it is an hour before the challenge.

Apparently, research shows that three to six milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight is all that is needed to see the benefits . However, it is important to know that if you exceed this dose not going to get more benefits, on the other hand the risk of negative side effects such as dizziness, anxiety and heart palpitations you run.

Coffee is also wonderful to stimulate the brain, has a number of substances that have been shown to help people with dementia, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and positively influence brain health.

Some attacks the coffee by the supposed danger of dehydration. While it is a wonderful diuretic, studies have found that drinking up to about five cups of coffee does not speak results leading to dehydration evidence.

The article also mentioned that the coffee is also beneficial for recovery after exercise. A study among cyclists which showed that a group managed to rebuild their glycogen stores by 66 percent more than those who drank only carbohydrates after a two – day physical test is named.

… And enemas coffee ? Professionals in the field of holistic alternative medicine for many years used coffee enemas to detoxify. It is also used to generate a great relief to the entire body and are used to reduce pain.

One way to consume … .. preparing a meringue vanilla flavored protein substituting water for coffee, you get a rich and stimulating beaten.

The to ability to master a foreign language is like running a marathon

The ability to master a foreign language is like running a marathon. Crossing the finish line when you finish the race is a great achievement, but the race of 35 km has many ups and downs in its route.

Just slopes and bumps when you thought you had taken the measure appear. Sometimes, when the road seems simple, it is actually the hardest part of the race.

A good marathon runner prepares for weeks and ensures that has the right tools to succeed in his career tools. An attitude of never giving up, and proper preparation and tools, can overcome human weaknesses like fatigue or body aches during the race.

Learn a language as a marathon runner

Just as a marathon runner prepares and ensures that it has the tools necessary to succeed in the race, language learners have to use the same strategy to learn a language. Tools and preparation necessary to learn a language are different, but equally important.

There are many tools that people learning a language can be used. Dictionaries, books, educational software, television or native speakers are some of the tools that language learners are equipped to succeed.

Use the tools to help you succeed

During the 24 months I was in Haiti, I equipé with the tools listed above to run the marathon of learning a language. I remember the arrival of the aircraft to Haiti from Miami. At that time I could only understand a few words of native speakers, because he had been studying with speakers of Haitian Creole (the official language of Haiti) and a dictionary with cards during the previous two months. These tools helped me get a good basis for learning a foreign language, but when I got to Haiti for the first time and started hearing the same words but spoken by native speakers, I realized that I speak like a native was a completely different level .


On my first day in the country, I began to live in a house with 4 native speakers, and was there for 12 months. The only English I saw or heard was the de-English dictionary Haitian Creole and my letters from home. This tool was vital to help me understand the language that was beginning to learn.

Every month that passed was like a kilometer in the marathon, and every day made me “stronger” in the language. I spent only understand something of what was spoken to finally be able to talk.

When the time came to leave the country, he dominated the language. Even the natives left amazed with my vocabulary, pronunciation and speed with which he could speak Haitian Creole.

Fluent in English

After returning home, I began to study at university and started back to control my native language, English. I realized how lucky we are to have automatic correction of grammar and spelling, and wished he had one for every language spoken in the world. I know I could have used them when I was learning Haitian Creole.

In my experience learning a foreign language, I think the spelling and grammar tools are underrated. If used effectively, I think that increase the speed of learning a language. These tools help explain como aprender ingles facil works the way it does, not limited only to point out that you made a mistake.

Remember that learning a language is a difficult task. It will not happen in one day, but a long period of time, like a marathon finish. Equip yourself with the right tools to succeed and search tools that have been overlooked. Happy learning!

to food is one of the features that harder is lost when a particular social group comes into contact with other groups in society. It is the cultural element that less varies, since the same original procedures are maintained. As a symbol of a culture and identifying element, coexists with the food culture of the host society and stands hard as a sign that marks its identity.

Pan (khebz).

Moroccan cuisine has some rules, written but never respected, involving content to the social, cultural and religious. In this regard, Moroccan immigrants remain the same cultural and religious patterns of their country. Guidelines that are directly related to food, since each party, celebration and religious event is accompanied by a series of food rituals that are passed from generation to generation. Thus, we see how food plays an important role in the festivities, ceremonies and rituals. All this helped by the fact that today, in our society, ingredients and utensils necessary to reproduce these dishes are readily available by the appearance of shops, Islamic butcher shops and the proximity of a country such as Morocco, that immigrants often return regularly.

This fact is evident in a society such as Spanish, in very homogeneous past but now intercultural day, especially with two of the best known festivals: Ramadan and the feast of lamb that are part of the collective identity of Muslims. By participating in these ceremonies they demonstrate their membership in a particular social group. But the holidays, religious or family, are several. We passed detail them:

Religious holidays: 1. Ashura 1 : first party of the first month of the Muslim calendar; 2. l-l-mulud’id : party preceding the month of fasting; 3. Ramadan month of fasting. For 30 days, from sunrise to sunset, Muslims must give up the intake of any type of solid or liquid food, smoking and carnal pleasures in order to purify body and soul; 4. l-‘id s-IRMS “little party” which enshrines breaking the fast; 5. l-l-kbir’id “the big party,” ‘id l-hewli “feast of the lamb” or ‘ id l-`adha“feast of sacrifice” characterized by the sacrifice of a lamb.

family parties: 1. Feast of commitment; 2. Marriage; 3. Birth; 4. Circumcision; 5. Departure and return of the pilgrimage; 6. Death.


In the daily diet f4x training review of Moroccans are a variety of foods: grains, legumes, vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, fats, meat, fish, milk and derivatives, eggs and, of course, spices they occupy in of Arab power and a strong presence in Moroccan cuisine it is one of its fundamental characteristics.

All these ingredients are readily available in Spain, either in Islamic stores increasingly abundant and where everyday products are increasing, or in many supermarkets in Spain (Alcampo, Carrefour, Mercadona and El Corte English ). Those products that are not are easily acquired in the country of origin with the continuous trips made to Morocco, given the proximity of it.

With all these ingredients the Moroccan can prepare their traditional dishes, as if made in their own country, such as couscous, typical dish of the Maghreb, which designates both the semolina prepared steamed like dish made with this meal, a apimentada sauce, lamb or chicken and vegetables; harira , soup or more or less thick, made of diluted yeast, flour and tomato, onions, beans, chickpeas, noodles, lentils or rice, eggs and small pieces of meat, seasoned with cilantro and spiced broth; Tajin designates both the stew as the container in which it is prepared.


All this does not mean that Moroccan immigrants do not adapt to the food culture of the host society (Spain) since, in fact, consume no problems (except pork) but in the festivities and everyday typically they consume dishes of your country.This is very important in the household in which they live: if they live with Moroccan, if they are married to Moroccans or not, etc.

Couscous (kesksu).

These practices persist in the children of these immigrants, the so-called “second generation immigrants”: children who emigrated with his parents one day or already born or raised in the new country. Such children, either Moroccan father and mother and Moroccan father and Spanish mother, often educated, mostly, under Islamic law, which is reflected in the food. For example, in schools these children are offered alternative menus in which there is no presence of pork, forbidden in Islam. Today, with the growing immigration and schooling of students each time more Muslim immigrants, is the center which directly question on this issue itself. This fact and others, as the proper fasting month of Ramadan (especially from secondary), not often pose serious problems in any school.

Coexistence between the two companies makes food exchanges between both sides occur. A Moroccan like the omelette, tapas or paella and Spanish test their dishes considered exotic. New generations already consume foods like pasta, pizza, burgers, tastes are shifting their parents. These exchanges are also palpable in trade. In Islamic butcheries find products like pepperoni like veal pepperoni pork or mortadella veal and in Spanish supermarkets: envelopes powder to make harira , couscous in five minutes, meat packaging indicating that it is meat halal (meat sacrificed following the Muslim) rite, many varieties of turkey sausage (pepperoni, sausage, salami, fuet) and pates. All this is the result of intercultural contact. There are two distinct levels: on the one hand, the power of identity that occurs in a ceremonial area, on the other, the daily diet tends to be standardized.


Despite the influence of Western cuisine, Moroccan families consider their children eat and eat like them. In fact, as noted earlier, there are certain foods (couscous, harira and tagine ) and drinks (like tea) are a common reference for all young Moroccans.

In conclusion we can say that food is a sign of identity that a link open to society of origin, a cultural brand of minority social groups against the majority groups of the host society is maintained and, therefore, the immigrant trying reconstruct their original culinary model in their host country. Hence, gastronomy among immigrants continues to occupy a central place in their daily lives.


Moroccan food as a sign of identity of a culture . This article is a summary of the work presented by this author in the Third Conference of Anthropology of Food, Nutrition and Health andcustoms in food organized by the Society of Basque Studies, 6 and 7 October in Bilbao and whose work original will be published in the proceedings of these conferences under the title “food assign of cultural identity among Moroccan immigrants.”

Five films running that should not be missed before running a marathon

In its day, the film   Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake Runner Runnercould somehow confused lovers of the race. The name of this great Hollywood premiere certainly generated some doubts to the popular runners, many of whom were gone to the theater thinking it was a film related to athletics. Nothing is further from reality. If the runners moviegoers want to enjoy good titles related to this sport, ZoomNewsoffers five films running for this fall. The five films that offers this newspaper fully fleeing industry topics as Chariots of Fire or Forrest Gump.

Limitless (1998)

It is one of the most exciting films of all that has been made in the last twenty years running. Starring Billy Cuadrup , it is based on the life of the American athlete Steve Prefontaine Roland , a myth in testing background US during the sixties and seventies. Corridor charisma and aggressive style when competing, Prefontaine had in his possession all possible records in all distances ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 meters.His death in a car accident with only 24 years shocked the country.

Running (1979)

This film Michael Douglas has nothing to do with the current Runner Runner. Indeed, this film does talk of athletics, specifically a finish corridor, which has failed both in his profession and family life.Unemployed and divorced, the protagonist of this film has only one obsession in life: to prove to society that can participate in the Olympic marathon. His feat will return the trust and respect of all.

Gallipoli (1981)

Running another film that raised passions in his day is Gallipoli. The story begins in 1915 in Australia. A young athlete ( Mark Lee ) just 18 years old has one goal in life is to go to war to fight against Turkey.Although his uncle and trainer did not want to participate in the fighting, the runner ends by joining the army and facing the Turks in the desert.One of the phrases from the movie the protagonist said before the battle itself: What are your legs? Steel springs, What will they do? Take at full speed, How fast can you run? In a leopard, and how fast you’re running?In a leopard .

Marathon Man (1976)

Dustin Hoffman represents a New York broker who wants to play his first marathon in the Big Apple. Although the protagonist runs through Central Park are not very numerous in the film, arguing it is most precipitate and fast. Nazi spies and criminals happen in a film that won the Golden Globe in 1976 and very good reviews from the American press.

The night broker a film Argentina

Another film is running Evening corridor, an Argentine film starringLeonardo Sbaraglia representing the manager of an insurance company who jogs every night to combat stress. One day at the airport knows a man who encourages him to change his life until the end. From then until the end of the film, this enigmatic character pursues him relentlessly to force this change routine to the point of harassing day and night the protagonist.

Interesting? Watch it on movie 2k.

Anecdotes of my two worlds – Sport and locksmithing

A History of Baseball and Football c on Locksmiths Barcelona

Baseball and football , are recognized worldwide sports, they can find things that hooked you, such as your uniform, the way in which each player plays or the way your manager shows every move or perhaps technical details.

These sports or athletes have managed to win the affection of each of its fans, both in baseball , as in football , let us say that for them their fans are as important as their parties, we will present a brief history of a great admirer of baseball.

” In one morning, a young baseball fan gets up excited to learn that their favorite team play that day, a super important both to the team and their fans game.

That fan had waited many anxieties that day, had planned to attend the game, the young that day had to present an important test at school, was as important as the game of baseball, the boy’s mother tells him the day before :

My son – remember studying for tomorrow’s exam is important, I promise you that if you pass the test I’ll take the match, you like? –

Young excited and motivated answers:

Mama – do not worry I will study, to go to partido.-

The day came, the mother goes to the stadium to buy tickets the game, while the young man goes to school to take the exam, breast buy tickets and returns home after searching for her son to know the test results that I present.

The excited young mother sees her and tells her he passed the exam with the highest rating, and also adds:

-I’m ready to attend that partido.-

They head to find the entrances to your home, When they reach the young euphoric goes to open the door, the excitement was getting the key that was not, the struggle was so strong that the key broke, and could not find how to open the mother decides to call a locksmith , Mr. accepts fix the problem, came to the house of the young while waiting for his mother and arreglablaba lock and master replied , “I have worked in these places to be a professional”:

This is the last missing work to pay me entry to my son so he can go to the party and your child can watch their team favorito.-

The young man was so impressed with the story and grateful at the same time with the Lord, who decided to grant him entry to the lord gave it to his son, and be able to attend the game.

That day the young man learned that the work of a locksmith was so important, like watching your favorite team play.

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How to remove malware from your WordPress site

This article today is not related to running or athlete or things we have mentioned in previous posts but it is necessary for people who use WordPress to work such like I do. Lately I get enough work for malware removal from WordPress sites. Usually new browsers warn us through google or some other service that the website is infected.
So today I will share with you the steps to follow to clean soil sites in less than 30 minutes.

The steps may vary or may not follow the same order. At least these are the ones that work to me:

  1. The first thing I do is change all passwords both ftp as wp-admin
  2. Plugin disable the cache if there is one and clear all cache stored. This is important because it can an infected file in the cache again infect the entire site.
  3. Then I connect via FTP and see files sorted by date modified. Last changed often infected.
  4. After deleting all files that are not infected WordPress, step wordpress review files that can not erase but have malicious code. I have found in different places, but the most common are: index.php , wp-config.php and wp-content / themes / nombre_de_tu_theme / functions.php . Here we must be careful to wipe only the malicious code. If you still do not have the latest version of WordPress , they expect to update !! If you already have the last can compare your files with the latest version of wordpress to see if there is something wrong.
  5. They can use any of the free sites like for malicious code in files
  6. If you do not inject php code files usually do in javascript files, the folder where you keep your files js is another good place to look.
  7. Once disinfected just have to add our site to Google Webmaster tools if we have not yet. And once there, within the Diagnostics tab click on the link “mailintencionado software” for a new scan the site and permanently remove the warning message from google.

Ten movies about running

Film and athletics have had a pretty good relationship: running is an activity that promotes storytelling. These films are running always interesting is another matter.

Running does not require many rules, unlike other sports. A film set in the world of football, basketball and let alone in lesser – known technical sports like rock climbing or mountaineering, lost in explanations and for those unfamiliar with the sport it may not be easy to identify with the characters. But everyone understands the epic of the corridor, their drama or their struggle. Or simply he is able to identify with that character immediately, and almost always positive. This, of course, leaves a number of biopics sometimes unbearably sugary and few films that deserve the effort to hold a couple of hours in front of the screen (although Forrest Gump , Marathon Man or The Imitation Game are very good movies with runner, no are films about running). When playing with those budgets in favor and good scripts are used, however, the result is usually at least worthy moments and sometimes with the best cinema. Visit putlocker to enjoy the best quality of these films below.

  1. Chariots of Fire (1981)

Since the release in 1981 of Hugh Hudson’s film soundtrack Vangelis has become background noise popular racing and all athletic meet when you want to give a touch of emotion environment. Based on the true story of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, it contains a good dose of history to overcome and some sentimentality as well as some of the best scenes of classical athletics filmed. Deserves many revisions.

2.Run for your life (2008)

If there is an important popular athletic event in the world, that is the New York marathon and this film, centered on the life of Fred Lebow reviews his history and much of the best moments. The reception of the film has ranged from enthusiasm among recreational athletes and relative indifference among the general public; Stock Photo and soundtrack, however, have not left anyone indifferent.

  1. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962, UK)

Tony Richardson adapted a story by Allan Sillitoe to create in this film one of the great classics of European cinema. The film is a very interesting fresco of the situation of the working class in England, with moments of social criticism away from dogmatism and speeches made. The interpretation of Tom Courtenay, memorable. If movie with a runner or runners it is, this is probably the most successful piece to be filmed.

  1. Endurance (1999, US-Ethiopia)

No need to be an expert in athletics to recognize the best runner of all time, the Ethiopian Haile Gebrsselassie smiling. It is an early dramatized biography, directed by Bud Greenspan containing very good interviews and images of some of the best races of this athlete. Honestly, there are few things that deserve more worthwhile to observe the end of racing career and style of an athlete who alone does great sport.

  1. Without Limits (1998, USA)

The name of Steve Prefontaine tells us little or nothing to Europeans. However, in his native Oregon and in general throughout the United States is a mythical figure like a rock star (what contributed to his early death at age 24). This is the second of two biopics (the first, 1997 is called “Prefontaine” and starring Jared Leto), and the best of them with Billy Crudup in the role of Pre and directed by Robert Towne. A must see, if only to know the athlete who managed to convince us for years of wear padded shoes, if possible with the Nike logo.

  1. Let me live (2014, France-Spain)

Let me live DVD Kilian Jornet Kilian Jornet- blog

Kilian Jornet is much more than a mountain corridor: its rapid ascents are fully within the climbing difficulty. Besides being probably the best runner on nature of history (he has won in Europe and the United States all the 100 or more classic kilometers, with all world championships in mountain) is a nice guy and aware of his popularity and worth seeing in this second film of the series of Summits of my life, with impeccable Seb Montaz address. The downside of the documentary is that we know as just, and that what counts is still developing. Even so.

  1. Saint Ralph Saint Ralph (2004, Canada)

Saint Ralph is a pure drama, something tear, with a history of overcoming included. Of course, we must recognize the good bill and training scenes as well as the setting to recreate the Boston Marathon 1954. That a teenager, with not much athletic talent, try to win that test in a short time to save from coma his mother is a budget that promises a TV movie with a moral. However, and obviating parts of the script, it is a more than good movie about running.

  1. The thief (2010, Germany)

A prisoner spends the last days of his sentence for long distance training. Once free, reconciles their careers with bank robbery in helping you your ability as a runner. A somewhat pretentious moments, other fascinating, the film is an experiment, with everything we expect from European cinema (especially Central European), directed by Benjamin Heisenberg. It looks with delight, and provides for further debate in the style of old movie film studio.

  1. The Jericho Mile (1979, USA)

Jericho Mile is a TV movie starring actor fashionable in those years, Peter Strauss, who, fortunately, was a more than competent athlete. Of course, that gives credibility and makes this story of social reintegration and abuse of power in a good movie about athletics: an internal Folsom Prison fight for a place on the US Olympic team, although social prejudices put it impossible. Directed by none other than Michael Mann

  1. The last marathon (1986, USA)

Several reasons to recommend this film on a rainy afternoon popcorn couch and someone who likes the world of running. The first: good scenes of long distance races in nature (although in this respect the recent American documentaries about Badwater Krupicka or win by a landslide); the second is that of the few films that approach the scene veteran athletics. But the final is the presence of Bruce Dern, long distance runner himself and knows what he wants to tell through the character who embodies. Direct, Rob Nilsson, little has been known.

10 songs to run faster

If you are one of those who listen to music while running, a selection of motivational songs

Some studies claim that listening to music improves performance runner up to 15%. It increases concentration and reduces the feeling of effort. It is the legal drug for athletes, even some authoritative voices say. Here we propose 10 vibrant-emotional themes that relate to the running and that you can help to be faster … or at least you have fun more. All of the following hits are mixed by dj hire melbourne, make them more interesting for you to listen.

The final countdown (Europe)

How many races have started with the chords of the famous Swedish group of metal embedded in our ears? Is the time to make us a place among thousands of arms and legs … and to verify that the clock is running. When Joey Tempest hairy composed ‘The final countdown’ little he could imagine that it would sell six million records … and it would sound in many sporting events.

Keep on running (Spencer Davis Group)

The classic of classics in the original version of Spencer Davis Group (1965). It may also be valid in any of its many versions. The Spanish group The Wild made his with the title ‘Run Run’.The composer wrote and Jamaican singer Jackie Edwards. Nothing strange if we consider that in his country sprinters have left the likes of Usain Bolt.


Gonna fly now (Theme from Rocky)

One of the highlights of the history of cinema. Rocky Balboa gets to run and drags hundreds of improvised runners through the streets of Philadelphia, hailing him after the boxer speeding up the famous 72 steps to the Museum of Art and lift arms. His composer Bill Conti, won an Oscar for this hymn getting thrill. Gonna Fly Now (we’ll fly now) with the ‘Italian Stallion’. And by the way, we stick a few punches.

Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)

It is unavoidable. The curse of the marathoners. Experts put the wall at kilometer 32, but the truth is that it can appear before or after. Does not matter. Any time is good to listen to the album The Wall and the most representative song of the same. A rate of progressive rock, can we progress to recover miraculously …. or the wall becomes unbridgeable.


Highway To Hell (ACDC)

The Barcelona Marathon uses on the eve of starting signal for athletes aware of what lies ahead them. It sounds blaring over loudspeakers and invites take the highway to hell. And it is that running is like a satanic ritual. This emblematic theme of hard rock’s most famous Australian band ever aging as well as people who practice running.

I ran (Flock of Seagulls)

The title says it all. But it is that the song conveys much more. Of which puts goosebumps if you appreciate good music. “I ran so far. I just ran. I ran all night and day, “reads the catchy chorus. Do you talk about a guy who does not stop training? No. The fault was a woman with whom the singer crossed the street. But what? A great song in the making.


Do not stop me now (Queen)

We feel a rush and we will stop, even without considering the consequences. What happened?Or we just encourage / the boy / girl we like or just heard this unforgettable song with the voice of a supersonic Freddie Mercury that feels like a rocket. If encouraged the socialist politician Miquel Iceta to score an bailoteo in full campaign, a real runner could lead to ecstasy.

Horse power (Chemical Brothers)

We do not forget lovers of electronic music. If this song does not come up, it is that they have a serious problem. The neigh of horses and the insistent message that tells you that you have a horse power should be more effective than any gel with caffeine. If you also consider yourself a thoroughbred, you must run at a gallop.


Let me out (Dover)

I could not miss a patriotic theme in this playlist, even sung in English. Let me out (let me out) it is what they think massed thousands of athletes in the moments prior to departure. Fed up heat, watching the clock, to greet the fellow … they want to hear the starting shot the hell out.And it seems that the fast pace of the song so requires.

Time is running out (Muse)

A great song that goes in crescendo, as it should pose a runner any career. From less to more, progressively. eye! If you want to make, do not listen to this song. Maybe if time is running out (time is running out) get nervous and not be able to stop the clock below the minutes that you had marked.

5 Channel YouTube Runners and Athletes

We live in the time when the sport on television is scarce or is based on mass sports: football, basketball, motoclismo, tennis … A time when we can not enjoy a variety of sports programming and in many cases , it is extremely poor.
However, the platform YouTube offers a wide variety of professional and amateur channels where content can visualize, with few ads, able to buy youtube subscribers cheap and based on our preferences and sporting interests. YouTube is the future of television.

Therefore, I would like to offer or to recommend some of the most interesting sports channels YouTube. Either because they are related to the running or simply because its content is varied, entertaining and educational . I hope you like, and I recomend some more. Here we go:
1. RUNNING TOTAL : we started talking about a channel that contains the programs that once were issued on television. Total Running has been one of the few channels running that have been offered and which aired on “Discovery Max”
The program is presented by sports journalist Rafa Vega and his beautiful companion, journalist Lolo García. In general, they talk about the basics that every good broker should know about the world of the running.
It is true that the program had certain commercial dyes, especially sponsored by Asics and DKV.But nevertheless it was a good issue and has several episodes available for free on YouTube I recommend seeing all corridor.
2. PITUFOLLOW : is the channel of a triathlete who is raising his adventures, experiences and several videoblogs which tracks the daily life of your workouts. This YouTuber is a normal guy, like you and me, capable of expressing the emotion of sport.
In this channel you will find mainly content triathlon. However, it is still very entertaining and I recommend that you take a look. Probably the most he can get commenting on each video to respond to your questions.
If you wonder how I met this channel is simple: this guy is also a blogger and Twitterer.Conventional form part of the TL twitter runners and triathletes, having thousands of followers in this network and its own fitpro blog.

3. YUUFIT : is a channel that I discovered that following began writing on the web who run these guys. In the corner you can find tips on nutrition, sports, health and fitness, many fitness. Theprogramming is varied and often go up weekly videos.
The most attractive is the closeness and enthusiasm with which presents each video. The guys who run the channel give a touch of humor whenever you can, use a blackboard to explain concepts, knowledge based on scientific studies. In general, they are great.

If you look for an entertaining and instructive channel pair, you probably interested in subscribing to them. In addition, you can expand the information by reading some of the magnificent articles they publish on its own website . He not wasted.

4. EXPLOSIVE POWER : is one of the most popular sports channels YouTube. With more than 200,000 subscribers, this young bodybuilder offers a varied and interesting content on key aspects of the world of sport, nutrition, strength …
What I like about this channel is that descriptions, offers an extensive bibliography proven everything is telling us in the video. That is, he does not tell lies or false myths . Basa videos on scientific expertise and mix with your own personal touch.
Its content is very good and publishes a video or two almost every week. Recently, there was another youtubers also drew his own book, which flew its first run. This channel seems great for athletes and host a very professional person. Recommended.

5. runtastic FITNESS : This channel is sponsored by the famous company Runtastic, which gives coverage to millions of runners in the world through its mobile app. The presenter is one of the coaches of the company. Post videos every week with a varied content on fitness, running, exercise routines , nutrition, etc.
The only drawback is that, of course, speaking in English. However, it is understood most of what explains nor is it necessary to understand too for what shows in the video. The important thing is to pay attention to its recommendations.

Editing and production of the videos are of high quality , addresses a very broad sports – related programming. In addition, as an incentive (had to say it ), the hostess is very beautiful and certainly worth signing up just to see this bellezón.

So far our selection of 5 YouTube channels for athletes. I hope you serve and help you enjoy it as “alternative programming” to which cast on television. These are some of the YouTube channels that I follow. Now I would like to ask you something: your opinion. I would like to know do you think of these channels? Do you seem entertaining, useful? Do you know any other interesting YouTube channel? What do we recommend? We would like to know your opinion.And if you liked the entry, remember to share with other brokers and subscribe to our website. Regards.

Marathon, running & cinema: running can change our lives

The second chapter of our series on athletics and its relationship with the film will focus on external tests, where we include the cross, the March, the marathon and running in general.


The very essence of the Athletics out of the tracks is more likely to serve as a basis for fictional films, since open spaces, running through the countryside or even large holdings in some popular careers give cause for many possible stories with high human component that have been used with more or less skill by filmmakers from around the world.

In this sense, most of the films tell stories of ordinary people to that running will change your life in every way. Run for them is a personal journey with each stride are approaching a certain objective or dreamed to get at the beginning of the sport.

We have also found some biographical titles of great athletes, but in this case a level much lower than the works of fiction that we have played.

In this section we have managed to find movies from around the world, fleeing the American monoculture which usually dominate the seventh art, which in this case has facilitated us know cultures and different countries through its characters and experiences. Much searching we have found even a tiny Spanish presence in the figure of the athlete Abel Antón.

Finally, for not marginalize any discipline, we have found a movie with an appreciable presence of race walking, which of course we have included in our selection.

The presentation of this group of films is going to be in three blocks, a few small inputs of March andcross and the main body in the form of passing milestones of a marathon, from worst to best, for films of this theme. As always, this classification is our personal opinion, which we value the merits of film and sports equally, rewarding those that get better to combine both factors. You can watch movies online free on  Movie4k.


apartamento para tres

Comedy that has the honor of being the last film starring Cary Grant. It’s about three people who are forced to share an apartment on the eve of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964.

The film is a typical comedy of entanglement, but one of the three people will compete in the 50 km test running of the Olympic Games and its outcome unfolds during the competition, which occupies the last twenty minutes.

The athletic part is all a compendium of cliches about the March, from the own shame to acknowledge their sport by the Walker to the hilarious style of Cary Grant and Tim Hutton, who would be disqualifiedipso facto. But at least it’s an attempt to speak of this discipline and deserves its place on our list.

Recommended for walkers and fans of Cary Grant and the high-flying comedies.



A young man of working-class Nottingham (United Kingdom) enters prison after stealing money from a bakery. In prison stands out for his athletic ability and that value serves to scale jobs.

Famous works of the 1960s that builds a wrenching and eloquent x-ray on a country that was undergoing a period of profound changes. Tom Courtenay, in his first major film role, performs a stunning tour de force to show his disenchantment with the discomfort he felt much of the youth of humble class for the established power.

Based on flashbacks we will know the past of the protagonists, while we see how the Athletics serves to advance. Without revealing them the outcome of the work, say that the race of the final against representatives of a private school trace a climax that will endure in our memory.

Highly recommended for fans of the classic film.



A young man leaves planted his fiancée on their wedding day. She remakes her life with another man, fond of marathons. Her ex-boyfriend decides to run a marathon to reconquer it.

Simple and vulgar comedy directed by David Schwimmer, Ross in the series Friends, which barely exceeds the slat of dignity with a succession of unfortunate tics. We are aware that not only the seriousness brings brilliance to the ability to work, but the story there is no where to take it and is seized as a boat life to an argument peppered with coarse humor.

We are witnessing the training and progression of the actor, mostly in comedy, and at the end we are seeing some images set in the marathon of London, one of the most famous of the European continent.The allegedly dramatic ending is more predictable than the medals of a synchronized swimming competition.

Recommended for rogues of all kinds and consumers of British comedies.


Michael Andropolis is a wretched man, without a job and on the verge of divorcing his wife. Run will be his lifeline.

Athletically passable film but has edged a few unbearable melodramatic. It may be because the work is ancient, especially on social issues, but it is difficult to endure. At the end you will see multiple images of the 1976 Montreal Olympics. The end is so naive, but cinema is allowed such luxuries. It is interesting to see how while the rest of facets Michael fails and sees no outputs, the Athletics becomes an indispensable tool for their survival.

The sport is rather disappointing because of the low cost of the film. We almost always see Michael Douglas running only at levels long and endless, the trials of Boston hardly see anything of the race and its Olympic participation is quite laughable. Interestingly, nowhere mentions their brands or times which makes, what is total anathema to any runner that boasts.

Recommended for seasoned marathon runners and fans of Michael Douglas.


Docudrama that tells the life of the Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie.

A myth as Gebrselassie had to have their space in this ranking, although the film dates back to 1999 and only covers his hits in the middle distance. Its later glory in the marathon could accommodate a second part.

This time talked a co-production of americana-inglesa – German and takes back the signing of Disney. The film is a fiction in which Haile is will be performed by itself after you start with his several testimonies.Subsequently described his life from childhood to adulthood, when you harvest some of its most significant sporting achievements. There is time for everything, to continue their training and also to meet his family, see how meets his wife… The harsh conditions of life of his country, Ethiopia, is reflected in several raw images and the Athletics will be the vehicle of escape for the good of Haile.

Athletically, the film is much better, with many planes of Gebrselassie running down the Ethiopian plateau or initiating is young in the marathon of Addis Ababa, where it ends above the post 90, and above all, by the images of its 10,000 in Atlanta’96, where we see enough times to Abel Antón and more fleetingly Carlos de la Torre and Alejandro Gómez , the other two finalists in Spanish.

In our opinion, the film is somewhat disappointing because having a great history between hands fails to excite the viewer and because you want to make a work of fiction by making them interpret and forcing situations to Haile and his family.

Recommended for mocking fans of Gebrselassie.


Biography on Abebe Bikila, Ethiopian athlete who won two gold medals in the Olympic Games of Rome and Tokyo Marathon test.

Film Ethiopian over one of the great myths of the Athletics of all time which, however, click on bone to waste a material of similar caliber. Its main handicap lies in that has a bad rhythm that makes it enormously difficult to attention and in addition also manages to convey big emotions to the Viewer, not even when a crash truncated his career.

On the other side of the scale are the archive footage of the two marathons in which Bikila not only won, but that became the heart of the people with a few triumphs that served to put Ethiopia at the map. As it says in the credits: “500,000 Italian soldiers conquered Ethiopia. And an Ethiopian soldier just conquered Rome”.

Recommended for students of athletics and fans of Abebe Bikila.


A student that likes to run to do a marathon someday finds himself involved in a murky case that his life will be danger.

Impressive film in which one intrigue sticky and even harrowing, with several memorable scenes, will keep us subjugated in the sofa. Account with a Dustin Hofmann in State of grace, when I was in the crest of the wave, who like run through Manhattan to meet one day his dream: running a marathon.

But the protagonist of the film soon finds himself embroiled in a thriller of Championship, whose ingredients will not disappoint fans of the genre, although it must be recognized that athletics has little prominence. However, we consider that viewing is essential to spend two hours glued to the screen, and we can at least see run to Dustin before and after stress.

A must for lovers of cinema.


A kid having his mother in a coma decides to run in the Boston Marathon thinking that a miracle will cure it.

Canadian work whose greatest merit lies in touching a sensitive issue but go along the path of bitterness.We follow the adventures of a kid who wants her mother to heal itself and so builds a speech full of faith and hope with the Athletics as a means of escape. He is innocent, Yes; is naive, too; and somewhat predictable, but get that we esbocemos more than one smile.

As in every story, the sports part is to be regarded a most condescending perspective. Logically, it is difficult to think that a 14-year-old boy to compete at high level in a marathon, but the film is so well made that race scenes manage to make it plausible.

Your workouts are adequately its progression, with the usual mishaps in this case, leading to the final climax of the 1954 Boston Marathon.

It is recommended to activate chip of children. Please see family.


A young Austrian, prisoner by robbing a Bank, leaves prison and continues removing in the same places.His athleticism allows you to escape from the authorities.

Curious story that, despite the fact that it has certain narrative crash, still with enough interest since leaving the usual channels. This time we talk about a European film, where looks and silences become a relevant importance to publicize details of the protagonists.

Based on a true story (the Austrian Johann Kastenberger), the film has a couple of worthy and well determined action scenes in which the main actor uses his intelligence and its physical background to flee permanently.

Kastenberger was a great marathon, being first classified national in 1985 with a Vienna Marathon marks below 2 hours and 20 minutes and that still holds the record for the marathon (with 1,800 meters of altitude) Kainach mountain with 3:19 hours. The actor who plays it runs with a style more than worthy and we have enough scenes both competition and training.

Recommended for fans of a different film.

maraton corea

Cho-Won is a young man of 20 years after being diagnosed with autism five years is training in small local competitions for one day fulfill his dream: running a marathon.

Based on a real work that builds an exciting speech of self-improvement. Mother and son come together in an argument with air of complaint social and together seek by all means to overcome all the obstacles encountered in its path.

The marathon of Chuncheon where occurs the final race is the second most important of South Korea and film perfectly reflects its environment, where our hero manages to get three hours with a great brand: 2:57. His style is unorthodox, but oozes emotion to every Stride and see him overcome difficulties put goose bumps.

Recommended for those who think that impossible is not a word in their vocabulary.

de marathon

Four friends a workshop owners decide to run the marathon in Rotterdam to prevent the closure of your business. They have bet with a businessman that all manage to finish it. If not so, they will lose it.

Original Dutch work that reminds at times stories type Full Monty, which describes the self-improvement of four people who do not have precisely natural skills to succeed in athletics. After a correct presentation of the facts, the film goes with enough skill in the classic codes of this sport, at the same time that we will learn the life of each of the main characters dramas.

Athletically, it is the film that best represents the anonymous and popular runner who runs marathons for a desire for self-improvement, with shocking images of the Rotterdam Marathon. In this case the brand does not matter, but only to finish and beat a personal challenge, and in this sense many runners are going to feel fully identified with the experiences of our four protagonists. We confess to you that it has been a real surprise to find this film.

After attending a rather comical sight, the end surprises and disturbs. It gives a patina of bitterness that can be difficult to digest, but worth watching. Can be found where all you can imagine in their original language and with English subtitles.

Recommended for anyone who has run a marathon or think about making it someday.

the games

Four runners are prepared in different places of the world to the Olympic Marathon in Rome: an English milkman of class falls with a trainer despot; a posh American of affluent family; a semiretirado Czech military forced to run for the glory of his regime; and an Australian aborigine who seeks out of misery in the hands of a corrupt gambler. The four are four shapes and four different environments to tackle the Olympic appointment.

Based on a famous novel by Hugh Atchinson, film has a great cast (Michael Crawford, Charles Aznavour, Ryan O’Neal) and to jump from one story to another keeps the viewer’s attention continuously, with just interactions between four athletes during the training phase, leading to the climax of the marathon in Rome, filmed in the original scenarios.

The marathon is really exciting, with many vicissitudes and career choices and a surprising ending, which makes it undoubtedly worthy of our place of honour in the list, as the sportiest of all, in addition to having a high cinematographic level.

Anecdotally, it is worth noting the presence of Rafer Johnson, winner of the Decathlon at the 1960 Rome Olympics as television commentator for the test.

Recommended for all athletics and lovers of good cinema in equal parts.


Now that you have already finished our journey by athletics and film, we can affirm that they are two ingredients that go with a fairly high skill level. We have seen athletes faced with the challenge of his life, in solitude or in a group, and the asphalt has led them to the limit of its possibilities. Also we have seen the epic which submits to this sport, a method like any other so that it will change your life.

Running and have good muscle mass, it is possible

I am passionate about and I enjoy running with weights. Can I gain muscle and keep running at a high level? Or do I have a decantarme ?. I am convinced that many of you do the same questions.

After several years, I keep hearing and reading many blogs that is not compatible to both sports at a high level. The lovers running often say they do many weights with high loads increases muscle mass and body weight and changes the cell structure, decreasing the yield. Instead, the fitness freaks say that running in excess harms them because they burn too much muscle. These theories are true, but it does not mean we can not maintain a balance to enjoy both. Here you have the keys to have good muscle mass and be a good runner .

  1. Make six meals . Add more slowly absorbed carbohydrates during the day and more protein at night. If you carry out a minimum of eight weekly sessions between the two sports you will need a greater amount of energy.
  2. Forbidden to run on the days we train legs. If you carry out good sets of squats or deadlifts, and you will know why I say this. We will have our tired muscles and can cause some unnecessary injury.
  3. Weights-break-eat-run . This is the necessary sequence to optimize our performance. Start training gyms, rest for a minimum of 20 minutes, eat fast absorbing carbohydrates or even a small amount of protein and continue training career.
  4. Two race days with intervals . Those who run and do weights have the “bad habit” of always shoot the same distances at the same intensities. That is a serious mistake. The intervallic methods recruit fibers faster, burn more fat and will improve your endurance and strength.
  5. Not perform static stretches until training is complete . Although there is extensive scientific debate on this issue, I recommend doing ballistic or dynamic stretching before and during activities and only static on days that do not wetrain or at the end of training.
  6. Pay attention to warnings . Our body is very wise and when there is discomfort indicates that there is a problem. Muscular overload, starting soft tissue swelling, fatigue, etc. If you do not know what kind of trouble you have, the best medicine is to stop in time.

With these guidelines you can reach you to become good runners with good muscle mass. Do not renounce the weights.

How to be a super athlete without falling into the doping?

Mo Farah, double Olympic champion

What is the difference between a gold and silver between reaching the title and just touch him? An improvement as small as 0.5% yield is what can separate the glory of being left at the gates.

To achieve the maximum performance, elite athlete can appeal to a number of resources without crossing the line of illegality, it’s using intelimax brain supplement. They are called ergogenic aids range from having a good training and recovery plan to supplement intake and licit substances.

There are also devices that allow the athlete to improve their lung capacity, transport oxygen through your body and recovery.

Many of these techniques are widely accepted and are as simple as eating a balanced diet or soak in a tub with ice after physical work. Others tend to be more controversial, and some specialists warn that at any time can be banned.

Cocktail supplements

Each morning, before breakfast, Fran Medina, Spanish professional cyclist of 20 years, a cocktail of multivitamins taken. “Normally usually folic acid, iron and vitamin C, which helps you to abosorción around the multivitamin. I can also take vitamin B6 and B12, which is interesting for oxidative stress,” explains the BBC.

After training two to four hours, Fran await more branched supplements that will help in rebuilding the muscle amino acids.

“This is the basis supplementation. Then, during the season I usually take L-Arginine, which helps the cell against oxidative stress,” said the cyclist. “This is practically the only thing I take vitamin”.

There are a variety of supplements that improve performance. “It may be from bovine colostrum, for its protein and nutritional content, to caffeine, sodium bicarbonate and nicotine, although the latter is under observation by the World Anti-Doping Agency, due to its activating effects,” explains the BBC Dr. Mikel Zabala, professor at the Faculty of Sports Science of the University of Granada in Spain.

Zabala said that while nicotine and caffeine help the athlete is more alert, other substances, such as hidroxilmetabutilato, used to work muscle strength.

A successful supplement among athletes is creatine, according to the journal Nature , it contributes to the production of cellular energy during exercise. Beet juice is another constant in the athlete ‘s diet because it helps increase levels of nitric oxide in the body and in the case of nadadores- can decrease the number of breaths to take in competitions short distances.

Sleeping more than 3,000 meters high

One method that seems to be booming among professional athletes are called “hypoxic training”, whether natural or artificial.

This is nothing but adapt the body to perform in a hostile environment, such as you would find more than 2,200 meters above sea level.

“Training in hypoxia is widely used in endurance sports, where oxygen transport is very important,” says Zabala.

Tour de France

Image captionMany cyclists make up workouts to improve endurance.

Natural hypoxia requires the athlete to get into a training center altitude and stay there for certain specific periods for the body training with less oxygen.Meanwhile, the artificial can be done in tents at sea level, where the athlete can sleep in an environment that simulates the 4,000 meters high or making intermittent exercise in simulated altitudes up to 6,000 meters.

“There are athletes who spend between about 12 and 14 hours a day in hypoxia” he explained to BBC World Dr. Victoria Pons, the department of nutrition and physiology of the High Performance Centre in Barcelona, ​​Spain. “Although not everyone will benefit from increase hemoglobin and improve oxygen transport.”

More and more professional athletes sent to install these cameras in their homes or hypoxia beds around US $ 2,000 and US $ 5,000. The British athlete Mo Farah, double Olympic champion, slept, according to the British press in hypoxic chambers as part of their preparation for the Olympics London 2012 British GP motorcycle rider Cal Crutchlow also uses these cameras.

However, Pons doctor recommends it done under medical supervision.

“You can not put 3,000 meters away, you’re making a gradual rise and you must have a doctor’s supervision and watch you wake up well, you do not have sleep disorders, headache or a series of symptoms that indicate you is hurting “.

Fran Medina has not tested hypoxia chambers, but has spent time in high altitude training centers. “It is certainly not an incredible performance improvement, but when you’re competing at the highest level, it shows. It shows you have a small point, that when you squeeze that extra”.

The artificial hypoxia is not without controversy. Some countries have called for doping to be considered and in others, as in Italy, is prohibited.

Your body -200

While exponentiate training is key to the athlete, recovery is all the more important.The athlete should recover quickly and effectively before resubmitting the body to the limit as possible.

For this purpose, exposures to cold or cryotherapy usually come well to avoid problems of inflammation and bruises, and to accelerate the recovery process through vasoconstriction.

There are several ways, from putting ice in a tub or container to be exposed to cold chambers with liquid nitrogen that reach temperatures of between -180 and -200.

“This is good to improve performance, because everything that helps recovery, help you be better prepared to workout the next day and assimilate better,” explains Dr. Zabala.

Famous athletes like the cyclist Alejandro Valverde and footballer Franck Ribery, have been subjected to these therapies extreme cold. And recently he broke the news that the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo installed one of these cameras cryotherapy at home.

However, experts recommend being very cautious when using them. “You do not know how to respond to the brain or if your heart is sensitive and makes fibrillation,” says Victoria Pons. “But some countries are using this method to improve the adaptation and performance.”

Cold cameras, priced around US $ 60,000, is one of the options that the cyclist Fran Medina says not having tried. But in general, it believes that ergonomic aids are essential to improve performance.

You survive a season without this aid? “I would hold, but a lot more would have to hold his recovery and then could no longer do so intense workouts … everything is a morass that ultimately would make my performance was 90%.”

The difference between a podium and the rest.

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